rambunctious (IF)


ink|silver pen

a big thank you to chrisch
(for it was his birthday card).


8 Responses to “rambunctious (IF)”

  1. Carmen Saldaña Says:

    Wow, is amazing!!!!
    I have no words, this illo has a lot of strenght.

  2. Larry Lee Says:

    Enjoying the style. He puts the Ram in Rambunctious.

  3. wee ellen Says:

    AWESOME piece!!

  4. Bella Sinclair Says:

    Beautiful! And the blue ink is very nicely done.

  5. Indigene Says:

    I love the boldness and color choice. Cool illustration!

  6. scalatore Says:

    thank you very much!

  7. nicky linzey Says:

    Beautiful illustration, solid drawing with the watercolour background, lovely

  8. cati Says:

    Strengh and vigorous rambunctious!!!

    Like very much the ink way!

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