intricate (IF)

toltec_72 this work was ordered by a good friend of mine back in 2005 (or was it even 2004?).
and finally i’ve finished it! apart from having not the time or rather doing other stuff.
i needed some moments to get an idea and to develop the feeling for that illustration.
anyhow the finished pic is quite different to the one i had in mind. but i like to be surprised
by the result of a working process.



7 Responses to “intricate (IF)”

  1. T. Martin Says:

    This is REALLY beautiful! Your friend will be so glad you finished it (I would be too!)

  2. Angela Lo Says:

    wow, nice piece!

  3. Vhrsti Says:

    Brilliant, truly brilliant!

  4. El_Cisne Says:

    Großartig!!! Ich geb´ demnächst auch mal was in Auftrag!!!:)

  5. Adena Says:

    This is an impressive piece. Beautifully executed! Thank you for commenting on my work. I appreciate your taking the time to view my site.

  6. messy_fish Says:

    this is fantastic, and perfectly suited to the “intricate” theme!…so detailed, and such nice composition and contrasts

  7. weizenkeim Says:

    das ist echt schön. schade, dass man es nicht größer anschauen kann…

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