fleeting (IF)

maggiolino_senza_72 Melolontha melolontha
now they just started to fly again but i’ve already found some dead ones.
(they actually live only up to 7 weeks!)


3 Responses to “fleeting (IF)”

  1. elmaira Says:

    wow what a great choice of colors. amazing piece!

  2. T. Martin Says:

    Incredible piece!

    I’m not remembering what they’re called, but there are a lot of flies that live only for a day or two–they hatch out over the water, and all the trout rise to feast on them, and the air is so thick with them you can barely breathe, and then they’re gone. Seven weeks sounds like an eternity for an insect.

  3. El_Cisne Says:

    Tolle Farben, schöne, samtige Oberfläche!!

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