déjà-vu (IF)


19 Responses to “déjà-vu (IF)”

  1. Kinga Says:

    Very beautiful. Surreal and dreamlike – like a deja vu.

  2. Nancy Says:


  3. Gai Says:

    I love this illustration. the colour contrasts and the hidden depth within it, and looking for more. Every time I look, I see something else, and as if – Deja Vu.

  4. ellisillus Says:

    wunderbar …

  5. Thomas Says:

    Klasse Teil mal wieder!!!

  6. TMartin Says:

    Beautiful and subtle.

  7. heidialdin Says:

    Is this Keith Jarrett playing Deja vu? What a good idea! And beautifully done.
    (I went to high school with his younger brother)

  8. scalatore Says:

    that`s cool. some years ago, my wife met chris in hannover, germany. he must be a really nice person.

    thank you all for the comments!

  9. Juan Álvaro Says:

    Die Zeichnungen immer besser!

  10. bliss Says:

    so beautiful, i must look again

  11. heidialdin Says:

    I have fond memories of chris those (many) years ago. We were little partners in crime!

  12. Oliver Flores Says:

    Very very nice painting. I like the colors and textures. Congrats.

  13. Steve Faramelli Says:

    Beautifully executed piece – the colors are subtle, yet add a lot of depth…well done!

  14. Marie Campbell Says:

    Well deserved, a lovely piece.

  15. syene Says:

    Beautiful! Captures the feeling so well.

  16. plasticpumpkin Says:

    Love this.

  17. Linda Hensley Says:

    Nice! Congrats on being the pick of the week too!

  18. scalatore Says:

    thank you all for stopping by and leaving some words.
    what a surprise being pick of the week!

  19. Thomas Says:

    Wow, Gratulation!!! 🙂

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