lesson (IF)

ink + pencil


6 Responses to “lesson (IF)”

  1. Aria Says:

    very nice 😀

  2. TMartin Says:

    Oh my! This made me laugh.

    It’s also funny, that as I scroll down the Illustration Friday thumbnails, I always end up looking at the same people’s entries. It’s not that I’m looking at names either–it’s just that you people do work that intinsically interests me, so I click on your thumbnail, and what do you know, there you are again.

    I really like your style, and your images!

  3. Linda Hensley Says:

    Interesting. Makes me wonder what you were thinking about when you made it. I like the yellow and blue.

  4. scalatore Says:

    thank you for your great comments!

  5. soloezist Says:

    Alfred E. Neumann in diabolisch…
    Like that!

  6. scalatore Says:

    genau. an den musste ich auch denken 😉

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