safari (IF)



13 Responses to “safari (IF)”

  1. conniemartin Says:

    Beautiful line work.

  2. Indigene Says:

    Wonderful expressive line work!

  3. Darice Says:

    I love the divide. Beautiful!

  4. soloezist Says:

    Schöner pencil! .°))

  5. Linda Hensley Says:

    Very nice! I like how you divided up the composition too.

  6. Raluca Says:

    beautiful composition,you have a very sure hand!

  7. Chibi Janine Says:

    A beautiful drawing. Super pecil line work.

  8. scalatore Says:

    thank you all!

  9. Kasia Says:

    I love it. Perfect technique!

  10. David Collins Says:

    Very nice.

  11. Bjørg Nina Says:

    I love the way you let parts of the drawing unfinished. Adorable animals ;:OD)

  12. Cindy Paul Says:

    This looks like a winner. Great line work.

  13. Rosie Says:

    Eine klasse Zeichnung! Ich mag Bleistiftzeichnungen sehr und arbeite bei meinen Portraits auch sehr viel damit. Du hast das Charakteristische der Geparden ganz wunderbar hinbekommen! Daumen hoch!
    LG von Rosie

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